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Three Poisons is a collection of three short stories 'giving remarkably vivid and imaginative expression, in a contemporary setting' of the three hindrances to freedom: greed, Ill-will and delusion. The setting is South Africa and, far from being bitter or nihilistic, the stories are shot through with an affection for humanity - its cultures and its frailties. It 'bears testament to the subtlety of Pillay's understanding of philosophy, the slippery cleft between normality/madness and the complexity of ordinary lives in an extraordinary society.' Nowhere does Kriben tell us what to think, but he sets us on a path to make our own enquiry - or just to enjoy three first-rate truly original short stories. 

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108 pages. 5.5" x 8.5" paperback format. 

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Chapter 9 (pp. 177-196) 
The Wisdom of the Undivided System: Constructing an Alternative View of Leadership 
Dr Shamim Bodhanya,(ed.)



‘The Illusion of Solid and Separate Things: Troublesome Knowledge and the Curriculum.’ Disrupting Higher Education: Undoing Cognitive Damage, Samuel, MA, Dhunpath, R, Amin, N (eds). Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2016, pp.81-92.

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