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The Noumenon Journal Volume 10

Far reaching explorations of our transformative potential… Touching the Universe with Steven Harrison and Patrick McCarty; Corporate Trainings and the Cult of ‘Me’; Krishnamurti and Dramatherapy; Joan Tollifson on Death and What Is; Leadership perspectives by Robert Rabbin and Jim Dreaver; Peter Francis Dziuban on Consciousness; Reviews of books by Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle…



Dr Kriben Pillay of the Leadership Centre has published the first scholarly work that integrates nonduality – the philosophy of non-separation – and educational drama and theatre in a book titled: Nondualism and Educational Drama and Theatre.

Honorary Research Fellow John Somers from the University of Exeter and founding editor of the journal Research in Drama Education, writes the following about the new book: “The concept of nondualism pervades philosophy and spirituality, especially Eastern spirituality, and Dr Pillay shows how it challenges the dominant philosophy of bivalence to which much Western thought and practice is wedded. Dr Pillay explores the issues in a learned, impeccably referenced, yet accessible style, and his book makes an important contribution to our understanding of how we can attain a coherence of perception once we have deconstructed our narratives of self and other.

Dr Pillay said: “The practice of educational drama and theatre within the nondual perspective can become an integral component of what I’ve termed ‘transformative training’, where this training is about creating the experiential learning space for profound transformational learning and change. Since this study was completed, important work has been recently published by organisational learning pioneers Dr Peter Senge, Dr Otto Scharmer and others, which complements this study’s inquiry. It is hoped that this study will make a small contribution to the necessary exploration of profound change in people, organisations and society.”

Dr Pillay will present a workshop based on his work at the Society for Organisational Learning’s 3rd Global Forum in Oman in April this year.

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